About Us

Our Nevada registered company is in the business of collecting and analyzing statistical and environmental data on professional golf and cue sports events.

Our patents and proprietary algorithms related to predicting the success of golf shots and series of golf shots and micro events (sequential run-outs) in cue sports were applied for in 2014 by our founder Jason Lahser, and folded into Singleshot Entertainment, Inc in 2017. For more information in our capitalization and corporate structure, please contact us.

We have grown into an international company with presence in Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America providing scientifically calculated odds data and entertainment to business partners worldwide. No other data collection company or provider is collecting or analyzing data in these two games of skill we focus on. The end goal of our company and our partners is to increase viewership in the games by providing integrity to calculated in-game odds.

We are not a bookmaker or operator of any form of sports gaming or betting.

Our trademarked products and logos are SingleShot Entertainment and UpNDown.

We currently have 5 members of our board of directors, two located in the Philippines, one in Stockholm, one in New York, and one in Sydney. We have 3 executive officers, and 2 non-executive officers. Our development offices are in Clark Special Economic Zone and in Subic Bay, Philippines, where 2 of our directors, 2 of our officers, and our Chief Technology Officer work with full time coders and graphic designers.