“ Having had a good old look at www.7ballrun.com I think it has massive potential, as we all know the game of pool is huge and played all around the world. I for one can't wait to get playing and promoting this game, I think its the future of pool. Not only can you play the game but you can place a bet too, many players have fans around the world who follow their progress, 7BallRun allows them to be part of the game and have a chance to earn money too. ”

Chris Melling
2 x World 8 ball Champion

“ 7BallRun is what pool was waiting for. Finally a game where the player is just against the table. This game can reach every single person in this planet at any time and you don't even have to go out of the house. ”

Vilmos Foldes
Junior World Champion

“ Its here! 7BallRun is the game the pool world has been waiting for. Fast, exciting and just the player vs. the table. 7BallRun will no doubt be the talking point of the 8 ball world very soon. ”

Matthew Bolton
2017 Oceania Snooker Champion
2x World Billiards Championship Finalist

“ As a former snooker player, and new to the pro pool tour scene. 7BallRun caters perfect to my game with its revolutionary concept of "no break pool" "player vs table" "4 minute fast paced games" Non stop potting action!!! ”

Vinnie Calabrese
2017 US Open 8Ball 5th Place,
Oceania Snooker and 10Ball Champion
Australian 9Ball and Snooker Champion

“ 7BallRun is the type of pool format which will innovate the game. Playing against the whole field with no direct opponent is the only sane evolution of this amazing sport. 7BallRun will be huge. ”

Max Elerbe
World 10" Table Champion

“ The people have been waiting for something like this. 7BallRun. it's a fast and exiting format which is easy to understand and to be apart of. It's a very pure form of sport, where the player has to achieve a postive result in order to get rewarded. I believe this will be the new age of sport entertainment. ”

Chris Calabrese
Sydney, Australia
2015 Open 9 Ball Oceania Champion